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When you're done carving, press the red button.  You can see your pumpkin on an ecard, or online puzzle.  Don't forget to give your pumpkin a name down below. You can also choose to share your pumpkin in the Spookathon gallery.  (See Conditions of Use for details.)

Flash On Line Pumpkin Carver
How to start online pumpkin carving / online pumpkin painting:
The buttons on the left side of the screen are your tools.  When you begin, the button is highlighted in orange to show that you are carving the virtual pumpkin free-hand. Click and drag anywhere on the pumpkin to carve any curves or shapes in the pumpkin you wish.  The glowing green ball shows you where on the pumpkin you started your carve.  When you release the mouse button, the shape you created is carved out of the virtual pumpkin.  If you release the mouse button before carving back to where you began the carve, the carve will be completed with a straight cut back to where you started carving, and the shape is carved out of the pumpkin.
If you wish to carve the pumpkin in straight lines, click the button.  When you click on the pumpkin, the glowing green ball appears to show the starting point of the carve once again.  Click as many points on the pumpkin as you wish. When you wish to carve out the shape you have created, just click on the glowing green ball (the point where you started the carving) once again.  The shape is carved out of the pumpkin.
If you make a mistake at any time, just click to undo your last carve or any other action you have just completed.  You may undo as many carves or other actions as you wish.

The online pumpkin carving game also allows you to paint the virtual pumpkin using either the small or large brush button on the left of your screen and any color button on the right side of your screen.  When painting the virtual pumpkin, the undo button may be used as described above.

The candle button button carves off the top of your pumpkin and places a candle inside of the virtual pumpkin.

The print button at the bottom, left of your screen brings up a menu of ways you can print your virtual pumpkin, store it, email it, and order Halloween gifts with the virtual pumpkin printed on them.  Use this button in place of the print button in your browser to print your carved and painted pumpkin without printing all of the buttons and the color pallet.
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